Republic Clone Captain
Clone Captain

Sideshow teased us a couple weeks ago with two new Clone Troopers and today we got a photo gallery for one, the Republic Clone Captain.  The Republic Clone Captain is scheduled to go on sale this Thursday, December 1st, with the release of the newsletter.

Priced at $89.99, the Republic Clone Captain is sporting the Attack of the Clones armor and will come with two blasters, an extra set of feet and over a dozen different hands.  No word yet if there will be an exclusive edition, but previous releases of this type have offered an exclusive stand.  We'll know more Thursday.  Head over to Sideshow's website for more photos and make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you'll be notified


Hasbro Fans' Choice Poll

Don't forget, if you want to vote in this year's Fans' Choice Poll, you only have until midnight December 1st to do so.  That's THIS Thursday night!  Make sure to head over to Titan Magazine's website, home to Star Wars Insider, and cast your vote.


Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Pilot Helmet
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Helmet

eFX has been a little quiet of late but today they released a new pre-order for a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot helmet as it appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope

It's priced at $579 and requires a $200 non-refundable deposit at time of order.  The good news is that the helmet is already finished and will ship around the week of December 12th.  Lay-away is available and like Sideshow's FLEXPay, you can pay for this helmet in four installments.  And, if you order before midnight tonight, you will receive free shipping in the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

Head over the eFX website to check out all the photos and place your pre-order.


Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein will be introducing several new products to the Her Universe brand of sci-fi clothing on Monday, November 28th.

Included will be new items from the Syfy television shows Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13 and Eureka along with a new Star Wars hoodie which features art by Cat Staggs.  As an added incentive, the first 500 orders will receive a limited edition holiday Yoda pin.  Check out the full press release and then head over to HerUniverse.com to see all of the great products that are available.



It looks like Topps announced Star Wars Galaxy 7 to be released in February 2012.  It will have a 120 card base set and, as of right now, the following chases.

Topps Galaxy 7
Galaxy 7
  • Hobby/Retail
    • Etched Foil: Joe Corroney
    • Foil (with paralles): Mark McHaley
  • Hobby Only:
    • 1/1 Etched Foil Artwork
    • Sketch
    • Sketchagraphs
    • 1/1 Printing Plates
  • Retail Only:
    • Animation Cell

We've seen it mentioned that there will be retail sketch cards as well but that hasn't been confirmed.  For previous sets, Target stores have received sketch cards and that could be where we see them again.

New York Comic Con

Even though it's been a month (already!?) since Comic Con, we just processed a video that we took of Hasbro's Marvel Universe diorama.  We believe this is the same dio that they had at San Diego Comic-Con.  It's an impressive piece and the number of characters that Hasbro included really shows the depth of the lineup they've been able to create.  Check it out below or follow us on our YouTube channel.



Sideshow released a new pre-order yesterday and teased two upcoming Clone releases.  We think you're going to like the pre-order best.

Luke Skywalker

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker

Hot Toys is one of the best in the 1:6 scale action figure world and we had our first look at what they could do with Lucasfilm subject matter when they released their Indiana Jones figure.  Now they're back, tackling the Star Wars universe with Luke Skywalker in his Bespin outfit.  The impressive figure has the Parallel Eye Rolling System (PERS) in the excellent head sculpt, which we think may be the best likeness of Mark Hamill we've seen at this scale.  And with this new release you're getting two figures in the set.  With two outfits and heads, you have Luke as he appeared on Bespin fresh from Dagobah and after he went three rounds with Vader. 

The figure includes an impressive array of accessories, including his blaster and lightsaber, and multiple hands plus an incredible weathervane stand that can be used to display Luke as he hung from the underside of Bespin.  The base even includes lights.  Priced at $299.99 directly from Sideshow, their exclusive edition comes with a Darth Vader head that recreates the scene on Dagobah where Luke slices open Vader's helmet to reveal his own face.

Both the exclusive and regular editions have the FLEXPay option available and both require a non-refundable deposit of $30.  The exclusive is limited to 1 per customer while the regular is limited to two.  The estimated release date is second quarter 2012.  As always, you can save yourself a few bucks by shopping around.  Razor's Edge Collectibles is offering Luke for $269.99 with a $29.99 deposit.

Clone Troopers

Sideshow offered up previews of a 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper and a Republic Clone Captain last night.  Both will be available for pre-order, probably with newsletter releases, in upcoming weeks.

The 442nd Clone is from Revenge of the Sith while the Clone Captain is from Attack of the Clones.  Both versions have previously been done by Hasbro and we have to admit, the 442nd is one of our more favorite decos.

Star Wars Celebration VI

Reed updated the Celebration VI website yesterday and they're starting to add information about the types of events we could be seeing next August.  They also have a Programming Survey available so now's your chance to have some input on what you would like to see at Celebration.


Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant offered up three new pre-orders yesterday, two for items we knew about and two we'd only seen hints of.

General Veers Mini Bust Walrus Man Retro Figure Anakin and Sebulba Mini Busts

General Veers makes his first appearance as a mini bust priced at $75.  He's sporting his armor from his appearance in the AT-AT on Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back but he is also scheduled to be released next year as a Deluxe bust to Premiere Guld Members.  That version will allow you to display Veers without his helmet and armor.  This release of Veers is scheduled for a Spring 2012 release.

The other release we knew was on the way is the 12" Walrus Man retro figure.  He was shown as far back as Celebration V and now you can place your pre-order for Spring 2012.  Walrus Man is priced at $80.

Finally is a 2-pack that we'd only seen preproduction drawings of, Sebulba and Anakin Skywalker.  Priced at $135, each bust is 5" to 5.5" tall.  Anakin is holding his pod race helmet and Sebulba is small enough that the bust captures nearly all of the grumpy Dug.  As with the other two pre-orders, this set is scheduled for Spring 2012.


Hasbro Q&A

Hasbro released their latest Question and Answer responses on Friday and while this round's responses seemed much more concise (if not curt), they did clear up some questions for us, even if what they had to say doesn't necessarily constitute good news.

16bit.com asked two Clone Wars related questions that received the curt response I mentioned with simple "not at this time" answers.  The questions?  If we would see a Clone Wars mail-away in 2012 or if any of the new light-up features from the Movie Heroes line would find their way into Clone Wars.

Echo Base Forums asked if the newly released, and somewhat hard to find, Republic AV-7 Mobile Cannon and Mandalorian Gunship would continue to ship in 2012.  Yes, according to Hasbro, they will.  Unfortunately, that good news was dampened by word that the Battlefields of Naboo Battle Pack has been cancelled.  The Battlefields of Naboo BP was shown in the San Diego Comic-Con slideshow presentation and would have included 2 Battle Droids, 2 Gungan Warriors and a Kaadu.  It was originally shown to be a Target exclusive.  It looked to be a good set but unless something drastic changes, we don't expect to see it once the hype behind the 3D release of The Phantom Menace recedes after next February.

After being told at New York Comic Con that the Class I Fleet Vehicles of Obi-Wan w/ Republic Attack Shuttle and Boba Fett w/ Speeder Bike would be coming next year, Hasbro reversed that info by letting Galactic Hunter know that these "are no longer in the line." Not sure if that means forever cancelled or what, but these were arguably two of the more popular upcoming releases for that line after being shown off earlier in the year.

Jedi Defender asked about the January 30th release date for the new Episode I action figures line.  Per Hasbro's Answer, this is a hard release date, or street date, that means product should not be on shelves prior to that.  Of course, that raises the question if stores will hold any type of Midnight Madness events to support the launch.

Jedi News asked about and received answers as to which upcoming products will be released in the UK.  The good news is that most of what they asked about will be hitting stores.  Also in the win category, the UK will have access to the Prototype Boba Fett figure at Toys-R-Us stores where he can be picked up free with a purchase of 4 action figures.  Make sure to check their site for a list of products.

Continuing the bad news, Jedi Temple Archives asked if the new Imperial Navy Officer shown at NY Comic Con would see a repaint in grey and become a modern update to the vintage Kenner Death Squad Commander.  Per Hasbro, they consider the release as shown at NYCC to be the upgrade to the DS Commander and no repaint is scheduled.  Answering a second part to that question, Hasbro confirmed that the new Darth Vader shown at NYCC will be on a Star Wars card.

Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de asked about future army builders, if Hasbro will continue to release them or pull back seeing as the Vintage Collection Revenge of the Sith Clone Troopers and Sandtroopers didn't sell well.  The good news, Hasbro isn't abandoning army builders but will "be more conservative" in the future.  No response of whether or not they'll mix up the army builders in the future.  As much as we love the 501st and Shock Troopers, more 212th Utapau troops would be a welcomed addition.

Rebel Scum attempted to clear up some New York Comic Con information on Clone Wars releases for 2012.  Hasbro stated that there would be 19 Clone Wars figures in 2012 and Rebel Scum asked if that was 19 new or 19 overall.  Hasbro's answer doesn't exactly clear that up, but does say that "19 total single carded Clone Wars animated figures are planned for 2012." Why doesn't that clear it up?  Because we can't believe that for 12 months Hasbro will only release 19 total figures or that none of them would be new.  Even if they picked 19 existing figures and repacked them in cases all year long, we don't see how the line could possibly survive, especially when we have 13 more episodes in this season of the cartoon and season five will start next September/October.

Yak Face was able to clarify two things about upcoming products.  First, on the new tauntaun, Hasbro currently has no plans to offer an open belly version to recreated The Empire Strikes Back scene where Han places Luke inside his dead tauntaun for warmth.  It's been noted by a couple of websites that the new tauntaun sculpt does have a belly piece that is removable but the internal cavity does not have enough space to fit an entire figure.  We'd suggest that while Hasbro built in a way to do a future upgrade, it doesn't necessarily mean one is forthcoming.  Also, Hasbro has previously released a tauntaun with "guts" that could be a model for a future release.  We'd also suggest that it's not important that an entire figure can not be placed inside the tauntaun.  That's what imagination in a play pattern is for.  The second question was about the new AAT.  According to Hasbro's answer, we will be seeing a new cockpit on the existing AAT mold.  The new cockpit will hole two Battle Droids.  This clears up some information that was presented at NYCC.


Operation Troop Appreciation

The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society is looking for help in raising funds for Operation Troop Appreciation.  With Veterans Day coming up, please consider purchasing one of the Operation Troop Appreciation Princess Leia medallions.

Thomas Rothenberger
Thomas E. Rothenberger
28th Infantry Division

As we honor the service of our military this Veterans Day, the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society would like to encourage Star Wars fans to support our troops by participating in our charity fundraiser for Operation Troop Appreciation. PSWCS is selling a limited edition medallion featuring Princess Leia, with all proceeds going to the charity. The medallions were produced in a one-time run of 1000 pieces, are approved by Lucasfilm Ltd., and include a COA.

OTA chose Princess Leia for their medallion as she represents the strength and dedication of the military wives who run the organization. PSWCS is thrilled for the opportunity to work with this amazing charity which directly supports deployed military personnel.  You can learn more about Operation Troop Appreciation by visiting: http://www.operationtroopappreciation.org

You can order PSWCS/OTA charity medallions at: http://www.pswcs.com/OperationTroopAppreciation/

Thanks to our veterans, and thank you for your support!


Harrison Ford Signs for Official Pix

Later this month, Harrison Ford will sign for Official Pix and the pre-order for the autographs will go on sale tomorrow, November 8th, at 4:00 EST.  Two sizes of photos will be available, 8x10 for $469.99 and 11x14 for $479.99.

There are 11 different photos to choose from, including 10 Star Wars and one with Ford as Indiana Jones.  You can see all of the photos on the Official Pix website.  They are all marked as out of stock but will be available at 4:00 tomorrow when the sale goes live.

Target Sales

Target is running a sale this week on the Saga Legends and Clone Wars figures for $6.99.  They have most of the 3.75" Hasbro lines for that price as well, including Captain America, Iron Man, Marvel Universe, Spider-Man, Transformers Megaverse and G.I. Joe.

Also on sale are two board games, Monopoly: Star Wars Edition and Operation: Star Wars R2 Tune-Up, for $14.99 each.  You can also pick up Target's toy coupon and wish-list book which has a $5 coupon on select Hasbro games, including the two Star Wars games, making them $9.99 each for the week.



30053 Republic Attack Cruiser
30053 Republic Attack Cruiser

Early in the year we learned about a new bagged mini set, 30053 Republic Attack Cruiser, and now it's been found at Target.  Recently Target has been stocking these in their seasonal section but this new set is currently being found in the check out lanes. 

We may see it in the seasonal section as well, but look up front for now.  The other interesting thing is the price.  The shelf pegs are listing it as $4.99 but as of yesterday, they were ringing up for $1.19.  We're speculating that it may be due to clearance pricing of the Halloween toys, which included the AAT (30052) set.  Target is sure to spot the error and correct the price but until then, happy hunting.