Nahdar Vebb

Nahdar Vebb

Just a final reminder, today is the last day to have your Nahdar Vebb order postmarked.  We'll also remind you that in the Hasbro Q&A from Monday it was mentioned that the initial stock of Nahdar Vebb figures has been depleted and Hasbro will go back into production on this figure.

That means that if you've waited till the last minute you may have missed out.  But, put those orders in today and you make be okay.

Clone Wars

Jedi Defender posted photos of two new Clone Wars figures last night; Robonino and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Monday, Hasbro confirmed that there would be another mail-away program from the Clone Wars line later this year.  In their answer to Han's Hideout they mention a play Galactic Battle play mat and carry case along with a figure.  Last night confirmation of the figure was posted on the Rebel Scum forums in the form of a scan of the order form. 

The figure will be Sergeant Bric.  The program will accept five POPs from all current lines along with the new lines debuting in August.  The cost should be the same or similar to the other recent offers at $6.99.

Star Wars Insider

The Star Wars Insider will have a special release at this year's San Diego Comic-Con and Celebration V.  The 100-page issue will commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.  The special convention-only cover will feature Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

The magazine will be available at the Titan booth at both conventions where you can also receive a free bookmark.  Head over to StarWars.com for more information and a picture of the Insider cover.


Ultimate Fan Getaway

Cartoon Network is giving away a Star Wars Celebration V Ultimate Fan Getaway prize pack.  Included:

  • Round-trip travel for four to Orlando, FL
  • Four Jedi Knight VIP tickets
  • Presidential suite at the Peabody Orlando Hotel (6 days, 5 nights)
  • Ultimate Star Wars Prize Pack valued at $15,000
  • Spending money for the winner valued at $10,000

Entries must be submitted on the Cartoon Network website by July 9th.  Winners will be selected on July 12, 2010.

For more information on this announcement, be sure to check out Reed Exhibitions blog, MediumAtLarge.net.

Hasbro Q&A

It's only a week late according to the Q&A schedule Hasbro released earlier in the year, but as they say, better late than never.  While San Diego Comic-Con is only a few weeks away, with Celebration V right behind it, there were a few informative answers this round. 

Expanded Universe and Comic fans will be happy to hear the answer provided to ASM, Entertainment Earth will be picking up four previously cancelled Comic 2-packs as an exclusive.  Two of the packs should include Jarael & Rohlan Dyre and Deliah Blue & Darth Nihl, both shown at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con.  The third will probably be Noghri & Ralrra which was previously seen in package art.  The fourth set could be Jaster Mareel & Montross or Baron Fel & Ysanne Isard, both of which were rumored but no photos or artwork has been seen that I recall.  Any way you slice it, if the Jarael and Deliah sets come out, a lot of fans will be insanely happy!

A few weeks ago a Wicket and Kneesaa 2-pack was rumored for the Vintage Collection line.  Droids and Ewoks asked for confirmation on that pack but, unfortunately, it's been changed.  Wicket will be coming in the VC line but Kneesaa was dropped.

Galactic Hunter received a rather candid response when asking about the retail success of the Dewback and Gelagrub Battle Packs.  According to Hasbro, neither pack did well at retail and has, in fact, jeopardized future creature sets.  Also in the answer, news on a new tauntaun; it hasn't been counted out because of the failure of the two mentioned packs.

Han's Hideout scored two cool pieces of information with their questions.  First up, the Clone Wars line will have a mail-away offer this year where you can receive a Clone Trooper, Galactic Battle play mat and vinyl storage carry case.  Their second question was about the upcoming Visionaries comic 2-pack.  Not only do we find out that the Owen Lars figure is all new, but they also scored a new photo of him and Darth Maul!

Jedi Defender asked for clarification on the Clone Trooper to be included in the Revenge of the Sith wave of Vintage Collection figures.  He will be a re-pack of the Gelagrub Patrol Clone.

Jedi Insider asked for, and received, confirmation of an Ultimate Galactic Hunt program for this year's Vintage Collection line.  While no specific info was given on what figures may be part of the UGH promo, Hasbro confirmed that the logo and "racetrack" stripe on the package will be foil.  There are no differences in the figures, just the packaging.

While Hasbro has previously said that the Ratts Tyerell figure, which was dropped from the Legacy Collection in favor of Clegg Holdfast, would be coming in 2011, Jedi Temple Archives received further confirmation in yesterday's Q&A.  Also in the good news department, Hasbro is going to try and include a Pit Droid with Ratts to help make the set more attractive from a price standpoint.

Snowtroopers received some interesting information on the most recent mail-away programs. According to Hasbro, the response for Qui-Gon with the Eopie was the largest of all modern mail-away promos.  That's why they had to go back into production to fill more orders.  Hasbro also mentions that the initial run of Nahdar Vebb figures has been depleted and they will be going back into production on him as well.  We would expect to see some postcards hitting mailboxes notifying people of that delay.  The good news is that Hasbro has taken the response for these offers into consideration and upped the production of Boba Fett figures for this Fall's promo.

Action Figure Insider received the scoop on new Delta Squad Republic Commandos for 2011.  According to Hasbro's answer, we can look forward to new upper body articulation matched up with the lower that debuted in the Walmart Evolution set.

Jedi Temple War Room received an answer that should be nominated in the "most ironic answer" category.  JTWR asked why Hasbro had not included a basic Stormtrooper in the Saga Legends line and Hasbro's response is that there have been basic Troopers in the main Legacy line at the same time and wanted to "prevent overlap."  I guess multiple R2-D2, Plo Koon, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker overlaps are okay then?  Ridiculous.


Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Greedo Statue

Gentle Giant has now put up the pre-order for the Greedo statue that they gave us a sneak peek at on Monday.

Greedo is 12" tall and standing at the bar, getting a little liquid courage before facing down Han Solo.

This statue is a Premiere Guild Exclusive so you have to be logged into your account to order.  Greedo is scheduled for a December 2010 release and will set you back $160.00.


Nahdar Vebb

Nahdar Vebb

The deadline for the mail-away Nahdar Vebb is just one week away.  All Vebb requests must be postmarked by June 30th in order to be eligible.

To order Nahdar Vebb you need 5 proof of purchase barcodes and $6.99 to cover shipping.  Order forms can still be found on some marked Clone Wars toys or you can head over to HasbroToyShop.com for full details and a printable order form. 

If you haven't ordered Nahdar Vebb yet, hurry, it's an excellent figure, probably the best to come out of the Clone Wars line yet.


Celebration V

StarWars.com announced two new events for Celebration V this August.

First up, Frank D'Iorio of NiubNiubsUniverse.com will be returning to his fourth Star Wars Celebration to create an Echo Base diorama.  With fan help and support, Hoth's Echo Base will take shape throughout the weekend and should be completed sometime on Sunday.  Everyone is welcome to participate, free of charge.  Head over to StarWars.com for the full announcement and other details on this diorama build.

The second announcement is for the Star Wars Stories Project.  Fans will be able to schedule a 15 minute slot during Celebration V where they can talk about their Star Wars memories.  The taped footage will become part of the Lucasfilm archive.  You have to register in order to participate.  More information and a link to the registration form can be found on StarWars.com.



Medicom's next carded Kubrick figure will be a removable limb C-3PO.  He'll be released at the Summer WonderFest show in July in Japan.  No carded pics yet but the figure will be limited to 1000 pieces with 500 at the show and 500 at Medicom's website.

Medicom Kubrick C-3PO Removable Limbs Medicom Kubrick C-3PO Removable Limbs

Deluxe Series 1

Released this past weekend, at the Parco Toy Exhibition, was the Deluxe Series 1 of Star Wars Kubricks.  This was the Return of the Jedi set which included the first build-a-figure with Jabba the Hutt and his dais.  JediDefender.com has photos and information on the set in their forums.  Initial reports on chase figures are a ROTJ deco Boba Fett and red cape Bib Fortuna.

While the set is out in Japan now, US retailers should have these by the end of the month or early July.

Future Releases

At the Parco show over the weekend, Medicom announced several new Star Wars pieces for their Kubrick and Be@rBrick lines along with a couple Real Action Hero (RAH) pieces.  Deluxe Series 2 in the Kubrick line was previously announced as Hoth, with an AT-ST build-a-figure and now we know what Series 3 and 4 will be.

  • Kubrick DX Series 3: Tatooine
  • Kubrick DX Series 4: The Death Star
  • Kubrick carded: C-3PO (Removable Limbs)
  • Kubrick 2-pack: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise
  • Be@rBrick 2-pack: C-3PO and R2-D2
  • Kubrick 400% TC-14
  • Be@rBrick 400% Darth Vader
  • RAH Jango Fett
  • RAH Boba Fett (ROTJ deco)
  • VCD Boba Fett (prototype version)


Lego 10212 Imperial Shuttle
10212 Imperial Shuttle

Back in January, a promotional Lego poster showed up that had minifigures listed on it.  Included in the listing were four figures belonging to set 10212 which, based on the Shuttle Pilot minifig, appeared to be a new UCS Shuttle.  Skip ahead to June and we now have photos of the new set which should be released in September.

The set, 10212 Imperial Shuttle, is indeed a UCS set and has 2503 pieces and minifigures of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Imperial Pilot (called Shuttle Pilot on the poster), and Imperial Commander.  The Shuttle has movable wings and guns and a display stand to hold it with the wings deployed in the down position.  The price is estimated to be $260.

Both Eurobricks and Gizmodo have additional information and photos of the Shuttle.



Sideshow Gamorrean Guard
Gamorrean Guard

Sideshow posted new photos of the Gamorrean Guard.  He'll be on sale Thursday, June 24th with the release of the newsletter. 

The Gamorrean Guard comes with both his ax and a pike along with an extra set of hands.  His outfit even looks like leather and has fur!

Price is $119.99 and FLEXPay will be available.  There's no mention of an exclusive so we may have to wait till Thursday.


Gentle Giant Greedo Statue
Greedo Statue

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant posted a new sneak preview on their Twitter account and it's for a new statue of Greedo.  GG had been hinting at a new companion piece for their upcoming Blue Snaggletooth statue and this appears to be it.

No additional on price, edition size or pre-orders yet but we'll let you know when that info is available.

Update on this already; this will be a Premier Guild exclusive and should be available for pre-order later this week, along with color pictures.

Jedi Junkies

GeekChicDaily.com posted an exclusive announcement to their site today about a new Star Wars documentary titled Jedi Junkies.  The filmmaker, Mark Edlitz, covers fans of the Star Wars franchise from online series creators to costumers.  Check out the GeekChicDaily.com article and look to iTunes to buy or rent the film.


Celebration V

While announcements by the artists themselves have been hitting the various forums for a few weeks now, StarWars.com finally updated with the first official list of approved artists for Celebration V.

CV art by Chris Trevas
Art by Chris Trevas
  • Jerry Vanderstelt
  • Chris Trevas
  • Cat Staggs
  • David Rabitte
  • Mark McHaley
  • Kevin Graham
  • Grant Gould
  • Ben Curtis Jones
  • Doug Cowan
  • Joe Corroney
  • Katie Cook
  • Kyle Babbitt

Included in the announcement are bios of the artists and the first sneak peek at their prints.  A few of the prints shown had edition numbers on them but not all of them were the same, so we'll wait for official word on that.  I wouldn't expect more than 200 - 250 of each print.  No prices yet either.

Most of the artists at CV will be in Art Show area which is run by ACME Archives, but a few will have their own booths in the convention hall.



Sideshow Gamorrean Guard
Gamorrean Guard

Next Thursday, June 24th, is going to be a busy one for Sideshow.  With last night's newsletter, Sideshow gave us our first peek at their upcoming 1:6 Gamorrean Guard!  He'll be up for pre-order with the release of the newsletter next week.

Also on Thursday, at 1:00PM EST, attendees of this year's San Diego Comic-Con will be able to place pre-orders for pick up of the Clone Lieutenant.  For those staying home, your pre-order will be on Friday the 25th, also at 1:00PM.


Hallmark K-3PO and R-3PO
K-3PO & R-3PO

The other day we brought you a look at this year's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive ornament of R-3PO and today we have another shot, along with K-3PO.  StarWars.com made an official announcement of these two exclusives last night.

As we mentioned the other day, this 2-pack will be limited to 1,000 pieces.  They will be available at the Hallmark booth which is slated to be inside the Lucasfilm Pavillion.  Hallmark will also be handing out five buttons, one each day of the Con.  The buttons will have images of the other 2010 ornaments.

Celebration V

It's already been announced that George Lucas will attend Celebration V in Orlando, but yesterday StarWars.com announced that he will be interviewed live by Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" in what's billed as The Main Event.

The interview will be an hour long and fans can follow links on StarWars.com to submit questions they'd like Stewart to ask during the interview.

Also mentioned in the same article are a few more events that we didn't know about before.  Included:

  • Seth Green and Matt Senreich speak about "Robot Chicken Star Wars"
  • Ashley Eckstein hosts the Star Wars Fashion Show
  • Star Wars Video Game Universe will allow attendees to play nearly every Star Wars video game ever produced.
  • Star Wars Laser Tag, where you can battle against Stormtroopers

Make sure to head over to StarWars.com to see the list of events.

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant announced a Kabe & Muftak 2-pack about two weeks ago and now they are up for pre-order.  The 2-pack runs $129.99 directly from Gentle Giant's website so we recommend picking them up from an e-tailer somewhere.

Razor's Edge, for example, has them for $109 which makes them about $55 each.  A $14.99 deposit is required at Razor's, but we highly recommend Mike!


Game Trailerss

StarWars.com debuted three new game trailers today, in conjunction with news released at E3 Expo which runs through Thursday.


Philadelphia Comic Con

I posted a wrap-up for Friday at the Philly Comic Con last night, along with several photo sets from the floor and the Big Toy Industry Panel.  Head over to check it out.

According to a Facebook post last night, Philly CC 2010 set an attendance record for the show.  Not bad.  Next year's dates are set, June 10-12, and we already have it on our calendar.


Philadelphia Comic Con

Our coverage of the 2010 Philadelphia Comic Con will begin later today.  We're scheduled to arrive at the Pennsylvania Convention Center at approximately 11:30 and the doors open at noon.  Stay tuned to our Philadelphia Comic Con Coverage page and follow us on Twitter at ImpHolocron for live updates from the floor.

Celebration V - Movie Challenge Awards

Finalists in the 2010 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge will have their movies featured at Celebration V in August.  StarWars.com has info on the event as well as details on how to enter your film.  The deadline is June 24, 2010 for submissions.


Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Shae Vizla maquette
Shae Vizla

Gentle Giant has been on fire this week with a ton of announcements for new product, both wide release and exclusive.  This afternoon Gentle Giant announced another exclusive for ShopStarWars.com; Shae Vizla, a bounty hunter from the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORP game.

The maquette is 7" tall and will be limited in its edition size, which hasn't been announced yet.  It's slated for an October release and is $79.99.  Head over to ShopStarWars.com and place your pre-order today.

Celebration V

Anthony Daniels has just been announced as a guest at Celebration V.  According to the blog post from Reed Exhibitions, Daniels will be signing autographs and appearing on stage.

The announcement has not been made on the Official Pix website yet, but check their site later for additional information and pricing.

Gentle Giant

Airborne Commander

Gentle Giant posted a new photo of the upcoming ShopStarWars.com exclusive Airborne Commander last night.  According to GG's rep, the bust is based on the previously released Airborne Trooper only with updated arms and a new gun.

It's not listed yet on SSW.com and as we mentioned yesterday, there is no edition size, price or release date yet.  We'll update you when more information is available.

Also of note, ToyFare magazine used the "Airbourne" spelling but GG seems to be using "Airborne."  Minor nuisance, but we'll update when we have an official spelling for it.


Expanded Universe

If you ordered the Expanded Universe wave of Legacy Collection figures from an online retailer, you may be getting a shipping notice soon.  We ordered a case from Entertainment Earth about a month ago and received notice last night that it was on its way.

Also of note, reports on various site forums mention that the recent discount of $4.99 at Toys-R-Us stores has been cancelled.  According to Jedi Temple Archives, that discount may have been in error since the Expanded Universe wave wasn't intended for that sale price.  TRU has now pulled the sale to correct that problem.  It is possible that TRU is planning on shipping additional cases of EU wave to stores now that the sale price has been cancelled, however, no reports are in yet that new stock is showing up.  It may be worth a quick stop at your local store to check, otherwise, we'd recommend finding an online store with cases still in stock and ordering if you want to guarantee this wave of figures.

Figure Recall

About a month ago it was reported by several websites that Hasbro reps were recalling Saga Legends figures that were clogging up pegs.  Most noticeable were the Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin figures that seemed to disappear.

Yesterday we found what appears to be another purge, this time of Clone Wars figures.  Specifically, Admiral Yularen.  The local Target store had upwards of 14 Yularen figures on the pegs as of Saturday but last night the pegs were cleared of all the figures.

Oddly enough, Bail and Breha Organa, from the Legacy Collection, were still on the pegs even though they were the subject of a recall as far back as August of last year. 

Even though Target still seems to be carrying the $4.99 price, and Walmart at $4.50, they may not be moving fast enough.  If you've been putting off picking up any of the currently available figures, you may want to rethink that before they get pulled.


Celebration V

Celebration V

Information about Celebration V is starting to come in a little faster as we're just shy of the 2 month mark till the show opens.

This afternoon, StarWars.com announced four more Collecting Track panels:

  • Star Wars Collecting Podcasts
  • Star Wars Store Displays
  • Original Movie Props and Wardrobe Collecting
  • Vintage Star Wars Toys

Gentle Giant

Apparently this announcement slipped by some people, but Gentle Giant will be releasing a new mini bust exclusively through ShopStarWars.com; Airbourne Commander.

This is a re-paint of their previous exclusive, Airborne Trooper, only now he's in purple similar to the Hasbro releases of Mace Windu's troops.  No sale date or price, and it's not listed on SSW.com yet.




After last year's successful San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, Hallmark is doing it again this year with a 2-pack, limited to 1,000 pieces of R-3PO and K-3PO.

The two protocol droids are re-paints of the 2003 C-3PO ornament.  They will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con from July 22-25.  Last year's ornaments sold out quickly so be quick if you want to pick these two up.  No price is listed yet.

Celebration V

StarWarsCelebration.com updated today with Orlando 101, a guide to attractions in the Orlando area that are close to the Orange County Convention Center, where Celebration V will be held.  Also included in the article is are lists of restaurants and bars that will be offering discounts to CV attendees who show their convention badge..


Gentle Giant

And the hits keep on coming!  Gentle Giant, through GentleGiantCollectors.com, announced two new busts late last night; Kabe and Muftak, the cantina patrons from Star Wars: A New Hope.

They will be released in a 2-pack in Winter 2011, according to GG rep VinylSqurrel.  Muftak stands 7.25" tall while Kabe is shorter at 5".  Pre-orders should be available by the end of the month.  No edition size has been announced.


Gentle Giant - Update

The Death Trooper mini bust will be offered in two versions. The first we listed below, and is limited to 2,500 pieces.  The second version is a deluxe bust and will include three extra arms, removable armor plates and a face behind the mask.  The edition size for the deluxe bust has not yet been announced but is also retailing for $75.00 and scheduled for an October release.  Check out the advertisements below.

Death Trooper mini bust advertisement Death Trooper mini bust deluxe advertisement

Both are now available for pre-order to Premier Guild members only.  Their window closes on June 15th and then on June 16th the general public will be able to place orders.

Gentle Giant

Death Trooper mini bust
Death Trooper

Gentle Giant just announced a new mini bust for later this year; Death Trooper.  This bust supports the "Death Trooper" book with a mash-up of Star Wars and zombies.

The bust is slated for an October release, has an edition size of 2,500 and has a price of $75.00 directly from Gentle Giant.  As an added bonus, each bust will come with a paperback copy of the novel "Death Troopers" by Joe Schreiber.

Celebration V

Collecting Panels

Four more Collecting Panels were announced today for Celebration V.

  • Star Wars Patches - covers licensed, cast and crew, club and fan made items
  • Partners in Collecting - hear from the significant others of some of the biggest Star Wars collectors in the hobby
  • Humorous Star Wars Items
  • Star Wars Collectibles Author Panel
Costume Pageant

If you are a costumer, Celebration V will just the thing for you; Costuming Pageants.  There are two, one on Friday and one on Sunday during the convention.  A registration form is available at the link above on StarWars.com.


Hasbro Q&A - Update

Hasbro answered a Jedi News question with confirmation that we'll see a Shaak Ti action figure in the Clone Wars line.  Better news, she'll be coming later this year!

Hasbro Q&A

Several sites asked Hasbro about the missing Stormtrooper from the recently released Force Unleashed sets at Toys-R-Us.  According to Hasbro, Lucasfilm didn't like the more opaque, removable helmet Stormtrooper so Hasbro included the same translucent figure in both sets.

Bantha Skull received interesting news on two fronts yesterday.  First up is confirmation that Nom Anor will be coming in the Vintage Collection in 2011.  If you recall, Nom Anor was originally scheduled for a comic pack release before the line was cancelled.  According to Hasbro's answer, Nom Anor and the winner of the most recent fan voting, Bastila Shan, will be the only two Expanded Universe figures in the TVC line for now.  However, part of the answer also hints at "spectacular news" for the 2010 comic packs that had previously been cancelled.  Could these have been picked up as an exclusive?  We'll let you know when we hear more.

The second question from BS brought up the recently discovered K-Mart exclusive Jodo Kast.  Apparently Kast was supposed to be part of a large Bounty Hunter theme that Hasbro has since cancelled, leaving Kast as a stand-alone release.

Ewok fans will be disappointed by the information given to Droids and Ewoks, the previously announced Ooche and Widdle exclusive pack has been cancelled for now.  The earliest we may see these two Ewoks would be 2011.

Han's Hideout had Hasbro clear up two characters from the Vintage Collection wave 2.  There is a Clone Trooper listed (VC-15) and he will have a plain white deco.  The second item cleared up is VC-14 which will be a Sandtrooper.  That slot has been listed as both a Sandtrooper and a Stormtrooper but the Sandy is what we'll see, and it will be the first time for that character on the classic Kenner style cardback.

Jedi Defender asked about a topic we were especially interested in, the requirements for the mail-away Boba Fett offer coming later this summer.  According to Hasbro, proofs of purchase from any current Legends, Legacy and Clone Wars figure will work as will POPs from the new assortments of Legends and Clone Wars and the Vintage Collection launching this fall.

Jedi Temple Archives asked Hasbro for an updated numbering scheme for the new Clone Wars line.  The first two waves, Hasbro is using 1 and 1.5 for them, will consist of 19 figures, the bulk of which are re-packs of previously released figures.  You can see the full list at JTA or by visiting our Clone Wars checklist.

Jedi Temple War Room asked about the street date for Vintage Collection (approximately August 1st) and if they could see a better quality photo of the upcoming Revenge of the Sith Senate Duel Darth Sidious.  Hasbro hooked the up!  Make sure to visit JTWR for the photos.

Celebration V - Art

Celebration V Randy Martinez artwork
CV Artwork

StarWars.com updated last night with a preview of two pieces of Celebration V artwork.  Both pieces are by Randy Martinez and are part of the advertising campaign surrounding the convention.

According to the article, there are 13 pieces of art in the promotion.  Besides the roller coaster artwork shown here, the article also shows Boba Fett on a jet ski. 

 Gentle Giant

Back on May 21st a pre-order went up for Gentle Giant's Bantha statue.  Yesterday the Premiere Guild exclusive went on sale as well.  The exclusive includes an extra Tusken that isn't mounted on the Bantha.  You have to be a current PGM member and log in to place your order.  If you're interested, head over GentleGiantLtd.com and order today.


Imperial Holocron Joins Twitter

In anticipation of a long summer of conventions and Star Wars related events, Imperial Holocron has launched a Twitter channel, ImpHolocron.  While we already covered the 2010 G.I. Joe convention in May, the Philadelphia Comic Con, beginning on June 11th, will be our first major event using Twitter.

June 25th will mark ImperialHolocron.com's 4th birthday, and as we move forward, we look to take advantage of other forms of technology to cover news and events that will be of interest to the Star Wars collecting community.  Please join us on ImperialHolocron.com and twitter.com/ImpHolocron for all your news and collecting information.

Philadelphia Comic Con

Formerly Wizard World Philadelphia, the newly named Philadelphia Comic Con will celebrate it's 10th anniversary this year when the doors open on June 11th at noon.

This year they will be holding their third annual ToyFare Hall of Fame where they will be inducting Georg Brewer of DC Direct, Jeremy Padawer of JAKKS Pacific, Inc. and Robert Tonner of Tonner Dolls, Inc.  The classic toy line inducted this year is Masters of the Universe from Mattel, represented by Scott Neitlich.  The ceremony will be held from 5-6 PM on Friday, June 11th and we'll be there to cover the event.

Directly preceding the Hall of Fame presentation, the Big Toy Industry Panel will be attended by the Hall of Fame inductees along with other guests that haven't been announced yet.  The Q&A presentation will include information about the toy business and what the attendee's companies have in the works for the future.

DCSWCC 2010 Charity Pin

DCSWCC Charity Pin

The 2010 DCSWCC Charity Pin is on sale now at http://store.dcswcc.org.  The pin features Luke Skywalker on his tauntaun with DCSWCC's signature Washington monument in the background.

Fourth in the series of high-quality cloisonné lapel pins, officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd.  Each pin is individually stamped and numbered -- only 1000 of these pins will ever be made!  All proceeds benefit the Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation, whose mission is to provide exceptional hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families.  They believe in keeping families together during a child's medical crisis, and that the gentle cadence of normal family life has a powerful influence on the healing process.

Limited to 1000, these will sell quickly. Limit 5 per person.  Order yours today!

Gus and Duncan's Guide to Star Wars Prototypes

Following on the successful release of "Gus and Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles," Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins are getting set to release their new book titled "Gus and Duncan's Guide to Star Wars Prototypes."

This new book, coming August 12th, will have 336 pages and carries a price tag of $49.99.  According to Gus Lopez, the book should be available at Celebration V and there will be signed copies available.  The book will be available on-line from Paizo.com and Amazon.com as well.