Hasbro Booth

Hasbro Booth

Hasbro takes center stage on the dealer floor at the con and they are showing off some items that we've seen (San Diego Comic-Con, Toy Fair) along with some new items.  They even snuck a couple items into their dioramas that should be announced later today at their Q&A session. 

First up, let's talk about those new figures that showed up in the dioramas.  Hasbro has four dioramas showing jungle, arctic, desert and urban and each is populated with new characters and vehicles that will be coming later this year.


Snuck into a couple of them are figures that haven't been announced yet, including Spirit in the jungle display.  There is also a new arctic figure that we don't have a name for.

Word on the convention floor is that Hasbro will announce a new Quick Kick figure at the Q&A and there appeared to be a pre-production piece at the Hasbro office that may be Low Light.  We'll have info on the Q&A after the 11:00 event.

Till then, check out these photos from Hasbro's booth.

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